Play With Me hit a million!

Holy cow, Batman!

I’m not easily found at a loss for words, but this week you guys totally knocked my socks off! One million people read my Grover Beach Team series! How crazy is that??!!!

Lisa & Ryan’s love story began eight years ago, and it was merely meant to be a short page turner after wraping up my intense debut novel. It was a total surprise when, days after the release, thousands of readers beseeched me to write more books about the fun-loving and charming gang at Grover Beach High.

By now, the feel-good series has been translated into seven other languages and been published internationally!

Who would have ever thought that something so simple could touch so many hearts? You’re incredible!

To say thanks for this unbelievable number of downloads, I decided to put the first book in the series on sale for $ 0.99 through the entire next year! I hope that will make a million more people happy and give them a chance to fall in love with the teen heart-throbs from Grover Beach, too.


Lisa Matthews has been in love with her best friend since kindergarten. Tony is her closest confidant and, hopefully, her future husband. Unfortunately, as a star player on their high school soccer team, he spends the summer at training camp. Lisa can’t wait to see him again but once he’s back, things are oddly not the same anymore. There’s another girl on the co-ed team making moves on her man!

Lisa hates playing soccer but if that is what it takes, she’ll try out. Strangely, the only one who seems enthusiastic about her decision is Ryan Hunter, the cute team captain whose reputation as a player exceeds the soccer field. When he offers to train her, the tequila-lime-kiss was certainly not part of that plan. Or was it?

With Tony’s attention elsewhere and Ryan’s playful presence, Lisa’s clear-cut plans are falling apart, and life suddenly becomes very complicated.


Thank you so much for loving my characters!

Happy reading! Happy New Year!
❤ Anna